RKT Tholen Rombouts Kunststof Techniek B.V. / RKT International B.V.


Both with our clients and our partners we assign great value to long-term partnerships. Our partners have specific knowledge and skills to collaborate and to innovate with us. That’s how we add extra value to our clients.


Based on a five year long tender for Rijkswaterstaat we cooperate with Herikon B.V. from Almelo. This company is specialized in the design, development and production of high quality technical plastic products. Together we produce PU shapes/buoys in all nautical colors and shapes.
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Unik is the branch organization for companies that are engaged in the industrial applications of plastic. About two-thirds of the members are plastic workers. These are companies that work on the processing of thermoplastic plastics, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), for the purpose of equipment construction, the construction of piping systems, storage tanks and ventilation channels.
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Radius Kelit

The Austrian company Radius Kelit produces pipes for district heating pipes and plastic pipes for drinking and waste water systems.
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Markote is our agent in different territories, especially the French speaking countries. This company, based in France, assists our clients from quotation to execution for the products and services provided by RKT
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Mobilis SA

In order to develop plastic waterway markings we cooperate with the French company Mobilis. Mobilis is specialized in the design, development and partly production of the markings. We take care of the rest of the product/process. The buoys are sold worldwide. Our partnership with Mobilis is based on a five year tender for Rijkswaterstaat.
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Rotterdam Engineering

Rotterdam Engineering is our partner in the field of specialized deliveries in engineering and development of pipeline systems. This partner executes technical knowledge into effective  implementation.
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Sprangers Waterbouw

Together with Spranger Engineering we developed and produced the Tube Pole Cover. The plastic tube Pole Cover replaces the traditional steel cover in the water sector. This innovative product fits most common sizes of tubular piles.
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