RKT Tholen Rombouts Kunststof Techniek B.V. / RKT International B.V.


New director RKT Tholen

We are delighted to announce that Marcel van Pagee becomes RKT Tholen’s new director as of 1st January 2019. As of March 2016 the owner of RKT/Rombouts Kunststof Techniek, Pieter Krijne, has served as director and stays closed involved to...
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Solutions for industry

We keep on proving our added value with each project we complete! From the moment you contact us, our experts start working proactively on finding the best solution to your question. When we take on a project, our engineers, project plann...
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SWAPE Barrier. Stops internal water transportation

Various external factors, such as impact, friction or water can cause damage to your piping infrastructure. This also applies to insulated piping for city heating systems. If water is able to penetrate the system, this can have tremendous e...
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Tanks, vessels and semi-finished products

Many of our customers know us as a total supplier for innovative solutions in the area of plastics, (in-field) welding and (glass fiber reinforced) coatings. But this is just part of what we do. The design, production, transportation and in...
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HDPE weldings for an air-cooling system

HDPE weldings for an air-cooling system for a nursing home in Belgium.
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Innovative solutions: endless possibilities

One can not imagine life without plastic. And not without reason. Because of its versatility, plastic can be used in unlimited applications. The combination of this material and our innovative solutions has led to our experts being hired fo...
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