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World record PUPP Lining: construction new waterpipe Den Helder – Texel with PUPP Lining

In 2013 one of the two drinking water pipelines from the mainland to Texel island broke. This spring, after a thorough preliminary investigation, began the construction of a new pipeline from Den Helder to Texel.

RKT Worldrecord PUPP LiningThe pipeline is applied by means of horizontal directional drilling. We assembled the PUPP Lining to this project: 260 connections in total. Because of the PUPP Lining the weld seams between the pipes are optimally protected. In total, no less than 4608 meters of pipeline is drilled into the ground, a world record! The DN300 pipeline is applied to a maximum depth of 85 meter below the water surface.

Currently the pipelines are drilled from both sides, from Den Helder (mainland) and across from Texel island. Eventually the pipeline will be withdrawn in a corridor. Probably the project is ready for the summer holidays.

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