RKT Tholen Rombouts Kunststof Techniek B.V. / RKT International B.V.

Solutions for industry

We keep on proving our added value with each project we complete! From the moment you contact us, our experts start working proactively on finding the best solution to your question. When we take on a project, our engineers, project planners, buyers and mechanics do everything they can to offer a high-end solution and complete the project accordingly!

Besides the knowledge and experience of more than sixty highly qualified employees we also have all facilities and machinery to make every project a success. Think of advanced CAD-systems, a laboratory, production facilities and our (partly) self developed machinery.

The results speak for theirselves. Over the years we completed many projects for (semi) governments, contractors, installers, utility companies, such as:

  • production and installation of GRE pipes for EON (Netherlands);
  • installation of 3 km water transport piping for MNO Vervat (St. Maarten);
  • apply 1450 pieces of epicoat, Ø 2-10 inch (Surinam);
  • renovation of chemical waste gutters (Netherlands);
  • production of various (GVK) tanks and vessels.
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