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The Plastic Tubular Pile Cover (BPC) replaces the traditional steel cover in the marine engineering sector. This innovative product can be placed on top of tubular piles of all common sizes. Since the product consists out of plastic it can not corrode. Therefore conservation of the upper meter of the tubular pile is no longer needed. Also, machining of the welds, painting the pile and application of reflective film belong to the past. Additional features can easily be applied to/mounted on the Plastic Tubular Pile Cover, such as marine signs, radar reflectors, illumination and pile numbering.

In contrast to the on location conservation of pile covers with a traditional paint system, weather conditions do not effect the fitting of the Plastic Tubular Pile Cover onto the pile. The Plastic Tubular Pile Cover can be fitted relatively easy. Since the product can be fitted in one operation, a lot of time is being saved during the application.

Because the Plastic Tubular Pile Cover has been pre-fabricated and therefore only needs to be fitted onto the pile on location, quality is guaranteed. Before the pile leaves the factory, it has undergone a thorough quality check. Maintenance is restricted to periodic cleaning.

Since it is a light weight product, lifting is kept to a minimum. Activities, such as welding, cutting, on location conservation and working with solvents are no longer required when the Plastic Tubular Pile Cover is used. Also, this product is 100% recyclable.

In contrast to traditional pile covers, impact to the environment and surface water is reduced to a minimum. No paint residue is released during blasting, grinding or sanding. Above the surface paint and solvents will not be used anymore and spatters and other iron waste will not end up in the surface water. Because no welding or cutting is needed anymore, no harmful vapours will be generated while fitting the product.

The Plastic Tubular Pile Cover is a lot more cost-effective than the traditional steel cover too. The running costs are much lower than those of the steel cover because of the low maintenance costs.

While the Plastic Tubular Cover can be fitted in a single operation and work takes less time, the availability of the objects is increased. When mooring posts have been damaged by a collision, the Plastic Tubular Pile Cover can easily be replaced. Work takes up a fraction of the time, compared to the traditional system. This results in less impact for customers and less shipping movements.

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