RKT Tholen Rombouts Kunststof Techniek B.V. / RKT International B.V.

Innovation in plastics

RKT International B.V.

RKT International B.V. produces and supplies various products for the foreign market. We realise various projects all over the world. 

RKT International B.V. has already realised several different projects in various countries, including Poland, England, Kazakhstan, South Korea and the Republic of Suriname. For an overview of these projects, go to our ‘Projects‘ page.

Rombouts Kunststof Techniek B.V.

We produce for the Dutch market and realise many different projects throughout the country under the name of Rombouts Kunststof Techniek. Even though we are also known by this name abroad, for international projects we use the name RKT International B.V.

Location Tholen

Slabbecoornweg 78
4691 RZ Tholen, The Netherlands
+31 (0)166 604 530

Location Wezep

Rondweg 62b
8091 XK Wezep, The Netherlands
+31 (0)341 25 72 96

Rombouts Transport

The transport of our (large-scale) material is provided by Rombouts Transport Steenbergen. Prefabricated sections are also transported to the destination by Rombouts Transport Steenbergen.